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A key piece in creating and maintaining your ideal member experience is developing an understanding of your members / customers and their satisfaction with your service.

For 30 years, CU Market Research has been delivering custom market research solutions to help credit unions better understand their members. Maintaining the same laser focus on quality methodology and data consistency, The Maclean Group is committed to continuing this work. 

CU market research

Member Surveys

How easy is it to do business with your credit union?


In addition to creating a culture in which your team is always listening to members as they interact, a survey provides a dedicated opportunity to gather quantitative evidence of how your members feel about doing business with your credit union. 

Deploying a multi-channel approach – a combination of traditional paper surveys and digital channels - we work with your team to customize a survey. We then handle the logistics of reaching out to a representative sample of your member base. We analyze the collected data and present it to your executive team as actionable results.

Focus Groups

What leads members to make certain decisions?

Beyond the quantitative input of surveys, the qualitative insights gathered through member focus groups elevate the learnings by providing perspective about why members make the choices they do.

​We develop, and moderate, custom focus group projects, usually to support product design and marketing strategies. Typically, each focus group will have 12 to 15 participants that fit specific demographic and product usage characteristics. Depending on the project budget, we work with at least two focus groups per project and often more.

CU market research

We gather input from your members to support you in

making informed, data-driven decisions.

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David Wilson

David Wilson

Founder, CU Market Research

As the long-time owner and researcher of CU Market Research, David Wilson has been conducting completely customized market research projects for credit unions since 1991.

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, David earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia in the early 1970s and went on to receive extensive training in customer satisfaction research through the Burke Marketing Institute. His broad consultative experience with credit unions provided the basis for his specialization in credit union market research.

In earlier years, David conducted market research projects for Tennessee credit unions within his responsibilities as Executive Vice President of the Tennessee Credit Union League. In 2001, he purchased the business and continued his League responsibilities until his League retirement in 2014. For another six years, David worked with credit unions nationwide, helping credit union management and marketing departments use member feedback as a valuable tool in the decision-making process and providing a gut-check for boards of directors that their strategic planning was member-focused and member-driven.

Soon after co-founding The Maclean Group in 2016, Catherine Lewis and David Wilson connected and quickly recognized their joint appreciation for data-driven decision making and its contribution to improving member convenience. As David planned for his (second) retirement, they hatched a plan for The Maclean Group to continue his market research work in a way that would maintain consistency for his clients. David and The Maclean Group will work together in 2021 to ensure continuity of methodology and preserve the reliability of member satisfaction scores over time.

“David has devoted many years to the credit union industry, resulting in a depth of understanding that gives him an edge in providing expert analysis as well as meaningful executive and staff summary presentations of the survey results. He has provided quality, relevant, member survey services to ECU for many years and I highly recommend David Wilson and CU Market Research.”


—Debra Bridwell, SVP, Eastman Credit Union, Kingsport, TN

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