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branch network optmization employee training universal banker expansion feasibility


Industry experts claim it's time for branch transformation - that you must change your branches and way of doing business to keep up with the wave of the future. Glossy images of expensive branch designs and technology may seem worlds away from your market and customer base.

You strive to make sustainable decisions that grow your business and support your customers and community. Sometimes that does mean big changes. Sometimes that means selective changes that make significant impacts. Our solutions are designed to help you determine which changes will be most impactful and how to implement them successfully.

ATM / Branch Network Optimization

We examine your existing branch network to determine how well it serves your customers and what would make it more effective (renovate/relocate/close). In addition, we analyze expansion opportunities to identify where additional branches or ATMs are needed, either to fill gaps in the existing footprint or expand to new markets.

Expansion Analysis

We leverage geospatial tools to gain a deeper understanding of your network’s coverage of both existing and expansion markets. We connect demographics, opportunity, and competitive and retail environments to identify intersection-level recommendations for future locations.

Site Feasibility

We evaluate the viability of a potential branch or ATM location. The analysis is supported with a market overview and trade area analysis, connecting demographic data, retail environment, competitive presence, and local real estate development.




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Branch Concept Development

We create conceptual renderings of existing or de novo branches. Focusing on layout and traffic flow, we craft a convenient and meaningful experience that enhances the client’s ability to connect, discover, and solve during their way-finding journey. Our high-level implementation plan reshapes human capital components and processes to support the new branch design.

Training & Development

We collaborate with your team to develop a comprehensive plan that defines the choreography for key sales and service interactions. We deliver skill and behavioral training to your associates to support the new member / customer experience and branch choreography.

Universal Banker Implementation

We assess your current staffing configurations and determine at which branches a universal banker strategy is appropriate. We address changes to human capital elements required to ensure the success of the new concept, including writing job descriptions, recruiting strategies, and onboarding.

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