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What do we mean by 'convenience'?

While we spend much of our days thinking about convenience in terms of customer and member experience at financial institutions, I had never looked up the definition of the word. According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, convenience is defined as follows:

1: Fitness or suitability for performing an action or fulfilling a requirement

2: Something (as an appliance, device, or service) conducive to comfort or ease

3: A suitable or convenient time

4: Freedom from discomfort

So, essentially, convenience is being able to get something done, with ease, when you want to, free from hassle. I especially love the reference to freedom from discomfort.

Once your customers enter your branch, will their visit be free from discomfort?

  • Think about their journey to your location, was the branch hard to find? Was parking frustrating?

  • As they enter the branch, is it easy for them to figure out where they need to go? Will the wait be long? Is there somewhere comfortable for them to wait?

  • During their visit, will they feel welcomed and appreciated? Will they find answers to their questions from employees they trust? Will they have to start from the beginning and provide all their identifying information again, even if they had already entered it when they began an application online?

Seek feedback often and widely from your customers to gain a deep understanding of the branch experience from their point of view. Identify potential pain points in the journey and work to eliminate as many as possible. Sometimes these resolutions will involve larger efforts (perhaps adding functionality, products, or personnel) and in many other cases, simple changes to the branch choreography will erase points of discomfort and enhance the customer experience.

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