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Don't stop now!!

branch transformation strategy

You had a list. You checked it twice. You must be done… shew (wipe of the brow). Now it’s time to sit back and reap the rewards of your branch transformation efforts…

Please, No! Don’t stop here! Branch transformation is not a one-time project to check off a priority list. It’s not a piece of equipment, or any one item. It is a long-term commitment to transforming your culture, bringing along both your employees and customers, and adapting to changes as the industry evolves. You’ve already made great strides if you’ve updated your branches or purchased technology products to address process or customer experience pain points. And, chances are, there is still more to be done.

So… what IS next?

The next steps may be less evident, and many institutions are either unaware there are next steps, overwhelmed by the intangible nature of the remaining tasks, or simply too bogged down by the daily grind to focus on embracing another round of changes. Sometimes, a third-party partner is the best choice to help bring clarity and consensus to your strategic plans. At The Maclean Group, we practice the following three steps when crafting strategies with our clients.

Step 1: Discover

Each financial institution is unique. Instead of blindly applying the latest hot topic fix, we get to know your situation. We dig into your data to fully understand your challenges and opportunities. We create a structured forum through which key stakeholders from across your organization share experiences, expertise, and views. We take the time to understand how the organization functions and how each business unit engages and interacts.

Step 2: Connect

This is where the fun starts. After listening, we analyze patterns and identify opportunities. We piece together the connections between people, processes, design, and technology. We’ll lead a HelixPlan® session to involve stakeholders in a full or half-day workshop designed to uncover ideas from across your teams and drive consensus on your institution’s next steps and approach.

Step 3: Solve

Lastly, we help craft a custom roadmap that makes sense for your institution, your employees, and your customers. Through our collaboration, we create a prioritized list of actions and a plan of attack (and can also stick around to help you implement and track the changes).

As you approach the fall strategic planning season, be bold in looking at what lies ahead. Focus on what changes will be most impactful for your unique institution. And, if you’d like some help with that, please give The Maclean Group a call - we would love to work with you!

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