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Employee engagement is contagious...

customer experience

Your employees are typically the first contact customers have with your institution. It is your one chance to make a great first impression - the spark they create can incite a revolution to the entire customer experience.

Engaged employees truly care about your customers. They carry an emotional attachment to your institution and its goals. These employees are proud of where they work and want the institution to be successful, not just themselves. High engagement with your employees creates loyalty for customers, increases productivity, and reduces turnover.

Here are three of the many reasons engaged employees build customer loyalty:

1. Engaged employees provide a better overall experience to your customers

As the face of the institution – a one-stop shop for all of the customer's financial needs - employees are the difference between good service and 'trademark' service. Engaged employees turn customer service from a department to an attitude. Their commitment to the institution translates into enhanced interactions with customers.

2. Engaged employees serve as brand ambassadors

When an employee is engaged, they are your biggest brand advocate. Engaged employees don’t sell to customers, they provide solutions to help customers save time and money. Their excitement about products, services, and brand affinity will create a spark in every interaction. Customers are more likely to buy, and be repeat customers, from employees who demonstrate a passion for what they do and how they serve.

3. Engaged employees drive your institution’s customer focus

Engaged employees truly care about the customers, they meet the needs of customers, and treat them as special and valued. These employees embody a customer-centered approach in all they do and help develop the outward focus of customer centricity. Customers will be loyal if they see (and feel) the institution’s primary focus is on serving them.

How engaged are your employees?

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