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Teaching consumers the new way to fish...

How we do our banking, or how we ‘fish’ in the financial world, is changing. The roles of branch associates AND the roles of “alternate channels” are both evolving.

custom education

Reeducating your customers/members on how to interact with your institution is foundational in transforming your retail delivery network. Communicating with customers about the intended banking experience sets their expectations and helps them feel part of the change, allowing them to comfortably adjust and adopt to the new procedures.

Education is important for consumers of all ages. Younger consumers typically understand the technology components and may need education on what banking products and service features are available to help them manage their finances. Older consumers generally have a good handle on banking products and services and might need a little more assistance translating their traditional banking interactions into today’s digital model. Eliminating the frustration of figuring out the unknown, and driving more convenience with additional features, improves the customer experience and bolsters brand loyalty.

In what ways are you supporting and educating your customers? (and by educating, we mean hands-on teaching, not just sending out a brochure in the mail…)

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