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What’s in your branches?

Engaging branches serve as a physical portal for consumers to connect with advisors and learn about the various ways through which they can interact with your institution. Designing a new branch is a wonderful, and obvious, opportunity to make changes. Even if you don’t have a chance to fully renovate, there are changes you can make to transform the customer experience in your existing space…

Here are four key focus areas:

Advise – ensure you have knowledgeable staff available to explain products and guide consumers

Educate – offer hands-on learning tools to demonstrate alternate channel functionality

Connect – find your favorite ways to participate with the local community

Transact - provide convenient transaction methods driven by consumer preference (some combination of self-service, partially-assisted, and full service)

The degree of transformation appropriate for your institution, may vary at each location, based on your customers and the market(s) in which you operate. So, what’s in your branches?

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